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  • Safe Security Services Ltd

    As a company Safe Security Services Ltd have worked with Matt for over 10 years, he was critical in the design of the company website and subsequent branded sites and still manages the ongoing maintenance and design changes of our websites. Over the years Goodanswers has been instrumental and key in the development of our business. The creation and success of our company website in 2004 / 5 was key to the survival and ongoing growth of the business.

    Professional I have found Matt to be most creative, always willing to assist and offer advise far superior to the level you would expect from any third party. Always endeavouring to fulfil the demands I put on him, there has been many times where I have found inspiration online, usually on well known global websites resulting in me asking Matt to duplicate and improve on. It is very rare when he has not been able to do exactly what I have asked for and on these occasions he has always come up with an alternative solution, usually better.

    As a company we are always willing to explore new avenues and like to bench-test the services of all our existing suppliers and this has been true with website design. I have over the years employed a web designer in-house as well as out sourced various website works to larger IT companies. However to date we have always found the alternatives to be significantly inferior to the work and level of commitment provided by Goodanswers.

    Concerning pricing (always important) he is very well priced, without doubt he under prices the services he offers.

    Matt is extremely honest and out of all our suppliers (including those who have become friends) the most reliant of all suppliers and if you are looking for assistance on web design, I would thoroughly recommend Matt and I would expect Goodanswers to become key to your business ongoing.

    Safe Security Services Ltd
    Chris Waylett
    Safe Security Services Ltd
  • NDT Mart Inc

    I met Matthew in 2003 when I first decided to produce a web site for me company to complement its mail order / catalogue sales. I interviewed several companies about the job but it was obvious to me that GoodAnswers and particularly Matthew stood out. There were three main reasons why Matthew stood out at the time.

    First I knew nothing about web sites – Matthew seemed very knowledgeable.

    I felt venerable because of my lack of knowledge – Matthew put me at ease without patronising me.

    Matthew came across as honest – never trying to push me into things that his competitors had.

    At the time I chose the services of GoodAnswers because I felt comfortable going into something that I little understood – I have never regretted my decision. I have never been let down by GoodAnswers – their reliability has been faultless.

    From the onset GoodAnswers have always managed to exceed my expectation – from the initial ‘simple’ design to now, ten plus years on, my web site continues to function perfectly, offer more complex options ie discounts, navigation, etc yet it still remains to the user a ‘simple’ user friendly site. This has be born out with the increasing number of sales and feedback I get from my customers.

    I have also used GoodAnswers to optimise my web site for Google, design and organise email promotions / newsletters and prepare / install site promotions, layouts and banners.

    I now rely more on GoodAnswers than ever before for the general up-keep of my web site plus solving any problems and making ongoing improvements.

    To me GoodAnswers seem to excel in communication, understanding my requirements and giving best advice. This has lead to making my site more functional and easy to use for customers.

    Phill Bisgrove
  • Rose Confectionery

    GoodAnswers created and launched our first website in 2004. At this time we only had a basic idea of what a web business would be like, after much ringing around various web design companies we got the right vibes from Matthew at GoodAnswers. The main reasons for considering goodAnswers is there ethos of honesty and approachability combined with fairness and a professional attitude.

    Since 2004 we have had two more websites built one just recently, and I have no hesitation in recommending GoodAnswers who deliver results in terms of being user friendly and great aesthetically.

  • Best Coaching

    I have built up my therapy training business from a small operation in Cumbria to an internationally recognised training school with a lot of help from Goodanswers. Mathew is always accessible and approachable, explaining the technical issues so that the layman can understand and translating ideas into fully functioning and sparkling web pages.

    I have no hesitation in recommending Goodanswers, whether you are just starting out or looking to take your web prescence to the next level.

    Best Coaching
    Robin Oxley
  • Eyemagnify ltd

    Started to use Goodanswers some years ago when i really didn’t know what i was doing or what I wanted, I had a tight budget, Matt the owner took the problem on board, found out my needs and came up with a great site. Every time I needed to make an amendment I have turned back to him and had it dealt with promptly. Recently had a major update of our website which has worked well for us. I recommend his company, commend his approachability, and am grateful for all his help. So much so that I recommended at least three others to his services. I prefer the personal service, transparent pricing and discussion with a named person rather than big corporate anonymity

    Phil Atkins
    Eyemagnify ltd
  • Dave Rogers

    Drawn in the first place by the very reasonable prices and friendly service, I have been with GoodAnswers for 12 years since Matt designed and hosted my business website (now deceased since I retired). He more recently set up Brassed Off Britannia, my forum site and set up and hosted a number of email accounts for me. Throughout that time the service has been excellent with my ignorant emailed questions always answered within hours, patiently and with full, easy to follow explanations and instructions to keep me straight. I’d be lost online without him! Thanks, Matt.

    Dave Rogers
  • NextBind Ltd

    I would have no hesitation in recommending Good Answers. I was introduced through a friend whose web site had impressed me. I then commissioned Matt Quesne to set up a web site for us and in the 5 years since, have never had cause to regret this decision. Nothing is ever too much trouble for Matt; he is knowledgeable and responsive; he will always go the extra mile when something needs doing and makes himself available in every case of emergency and yet he manages to display extraordinary patience when dealing with the stupid questions which we all too frequently manage to throw up.

    David Solomon
    NextBind Ltd
  • Aromatherapy Direct

    I have been with Goodanswers since 2005. Thanks Matt for providing a combination of fair pricing, excellent web design, and all importantly for us none technical folk, prompt and reliable answers and solutions to our problems.

  • P J Palmers

    Our website has worked really well for us, the details are on many free property sites and generates lots of enquiries for us. We have had loads of very positive responses about the site. Thanks for doing your stuff with the pictures on the home page, it is great to be able to change them when we want so that the site looks fresh.

    P J Palmers
  • Anchor Inn Tideswell

    Always at the end of an email, nothing ever too much trouble. Been a pleasure to deal with for the last 12 years.’

    Anchor Inn Tideswell
  • Postroom Online

    Matthew has been looking after our websites since 2004. We like his competitive pricing and lack of hard sell / fake gimics that you get from many website builders.’

    Gareth Evans
    Managing Director
    Postroom Online